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Register a project for IGC 2020

In addition to joining IGC and accepting the IGC Agreement:

IGC Project Participants register via the link above and commit to the following:

  • you will organize your IGC workflow and technological support.
  • adapt the systems research on assumptions and innovations to your local conditions.

  • adapt and organize systems data and models to your local conditions.

  • apply ALL THREE scenarios to designs at ALL THREE time stages, and with detailed examples as appropriate.

  • maintain and present a diary of the geodesign workflow you adopt.

  • present all the results in final status in the collaboration’s format and in English to the coordinating team as ready for exhibition, before February 1, 2020.

  • participate in the IGC-2020 conference in Redlands, California in February 2020 and in any post-conference comparative research and publications.

If you are unable to access the Google Form for Registering, please download the excel form here and return, completed, to geodesigncollab@gmail.com

The link above will remain accessible for you to update at a later date.

Frequently asked questions

What Institutional resources are required?

  • Your time and interest, as almost all IGC participants will have a regular course or academic setting in which students will be taught and this would be the core “problem”, a geographic location in which these are real issues, and some technical support to implement a digital workflow (and supported by free video or web-based  tutorials from several technology companies). Any costs for locally specific technology support will be determined and borne by individual institutions based on their needs.

Will there be a budget for participants?

  • There is no IGC budget. There are no people who are salaried by the project.

  • We assume that all participating schools are already interested and capable, and that they have access to local/regional data etc.   The software and tutorials arranged via IGC are free to all member teams.

  • The core group continues to seek a budget to support the IGC website platform for collaboration-communication and for future exhibitions and publications.

Can schools combine assets and tasks?

  • Yes. One aim of this collaboration is to increase capabilities in ALL participating schools.

Is there a deadline for deciding to join the collaboration?  

  • No, as long as the school accepts and can fulfill the IGC Agreement as required for membership.

How do we join?

  • Contact IGC using the forms on the Join IGC page.

  • By joining now you will receive all project communication and access to all IGC materials, participation in virtual meetings etc.

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